Direct mail has become a huge problem in the United States. It wastes precious resources, clogs our mailboxes, and wastes our time (the facts). Some forms of direct mail use deceptive marketing practices to prey on naive and unsuspecting individuals.

My goal is to promote the development of a permanent solution to the direct mail problem: to give consumers the legal right to refuse any and all unsolicited mail; to promote legislative solutions and legal precedents to solve the direct mail problem. I hope to work to organize people and efforts to achieve this goal. Until such a solution exists, my goal is to provide individuals with as much information as possible to combat direct mail to the greatest degree possible.

My goal is not to put an end to direct mail altogether. As business owner, I know that responsibly used direct mail can be a powerful marketing tool. What I desire is a system that allows people to opt-out of direct mail if they don't want to receive it.